the zipgun parade!



Sometimes when I look at this page, I feel as if I should update the layout. Most of the time, I convince myself that I am far too lazy and that nobody would care if it still looked the same.



I had far too much tea one evening after work. Actually, I’m not sure if I was working at this point. I don’t even know anymore. I have a bunch of apps on my phone so I can update on the go and stop neglecting shit, but all I use is Facebook, 9GAG, and Google music. Right now I’m stuck on the fucking train and just want to get home.

Blahblahblah I hate work. I’d rather be in school. This job sucks balls. Blahhhhhh… Oh yeah, I quit this job. I have three more shifts, unless someone helps me out and covers them. JOY. Now I can stop wasting two hours round trip on the CTA just to make $30. Bullshit. I’m clearly just rambling at this point. I need a pint.


he was far from thrilled.

the internet hates me.

I’m all settled in my new apartment. The only thing I’m missing is a desk. I have pictures of my drawings, but I’d rather scan them. I’m giving myself a week to scan them before I cave and upload the pictures.

Apparently all I do is work, so I barely have any time for this stuff. Okay, allow me to rephrase: I’ve been online for the past seven hours and have done nothing but giggle at stupid pictures I’ve stumbled upon.

It’s 6 am and I’m watching The Haunting. You know, doing something productive with my time. I actually forgot this movie existed enough to the point where I almost thought that Scary Movie 2 had an original plot.

Well, I’m Back.

I have no fucking clue what the deal with blogspot is right now, but whatever it is, it’s pissing me off.

Oh, I got rid of the domain name. Knowing me, I’d forget that it was registered with Yahoo! and they’d charge me $35 for just a fucking domain name. Nuts to that. 

I now have internet, so fuck the random phone posts. I mean, if I’m out and about, I might consider using the WordPress app, but let’s face it, I barely update when I have an actual computer. 

I have a shitload of drawings to upload. I have a lot of pictures of drawings on my phone that I will update at a later time, mainly due to the fact that I am too lazy to get up and get the cable to connect my phone to my computer. 

You know what else? I’m just going to continue to use this blog until I have the energy to find something better. All I have right now is the energy to update, only because the rage that I developed from the inability to update my other blog gave me enough energy to function just a little bit longer before I decide to look at memes and fall asleep. 

On top of drawings, might take another stab at writing. If you know my super secret interwebz journal, it’ll fill you in on where I’ve been the past several months, but as I said, it’s super duper secret. Essentially, everything happened ever-so-suddenly and my mind was extremely preoccupied with all of the bullshit that was happening in my life that I now have to retrace my steps and figured out where I left off with these here interwebz. 

I will be back as soon as I figure that out.

Updating from mobile.

Just trying this app out. I don’t have internet, so… I’m stuck with this for now. So weak.


this is what I do when I’m bored.

found this earlier in the evening.

Like I said: When Johnnie starts walking, you stop.





the people of wrigleyville.

These are my weekly observations for the past several years that I’ve worked in the neighborhood.

still no luck.

But I did draw my roommate a picture for his birthday.

For some reason, I can’t rotate it on my computer. I keep getting these really annoying error messages. Oh well. You get the point.

I have no idea where I’m going with anything I’m currently doing.